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28th June, 2008. 5:36 pm. mercer cemetery June 2008

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20th February, 2008. 10:24 am. sticky situation

A Sticky Situation

(wee disclaimer: not my idea!)


I make my kids my priority

stuck on you baby

this can not be legal

so lovely to look at, so painful to remove

(helful hint for removal: it takes 20 minutes in the tub for every 37 stickers you put on)

P.S. Jesse says, "please, please do NOT try to make pants with the stickers, just trust me on this one, ok?"

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10th January, 2008. 7:19 am. it's my etsyversary!!

  A Year!!!

(of selling on etsy)

Today marks one year of selling on Etsy and what an amazing year it's been!

To celebrate, I am having a party in my shop and all items are 15% off.  To make things fun, I am also having a treasure hunt in the shop and will have free items hidden within the store at all times(no purchase necessary) .

Come and play, there will be hot cocoa, cake and a cheese platter for all!


P.S. sale ends at midnight est

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8th January, 2008. 2:48 pm. the one

The One

     You know that moment in summer, the very first one?  It is the day the strawberries ripen and the sun glows and the earth is deeply, deeply warm and the soil feels like the truth, the root of everything.

 You pick the first berry and it is such a deep red you want to sigh and the way your fingers hold the fruit like your mother and her mother and hers makes you want to laugh and throw yourself into the wind. 

This is the moment, the one just before you taste the first berry, this one.



This is how I feel today.

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31st December, 2007. 11:09 pm.

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20th December, 2007. 4:24 pm.





Is it the season that brings all the memories to the surface or would they rise up anyway?  I am not entirely sure but I know this; one day it is a tiny blur, a fragment of remembering and the next day it is as bright as anything.

Right there, in front of you.

Today, i remember this.   I remember travelling with Trevor when we were in our first years together (1992).  We took our meager savings and got into my crookedy old car and drove.  We drove all over the country, as far as our money would take us, for we had time.  We had time to stop and watch a storm roll in, time for sitting in a local small town bar in everywhereville and have a beer.  We found the time to build camp every night and make a fire and play cards and lay together and laugh. We had time to write little postcards to each other and send them on ahead to greet us when we arrived.

I remember Iowa.  I remember the slow, endless fields.  I remember the way the corn leaned and the grasses tipped and the way the clouds moved like phantoms across the landscape.

I remember the way he stood there, all free and pleased and strong.  We spent the day looking for birds in the grassland and there was a storm rolling in and we were so happy and it all felt so endless.

Today, i see that it is not endless; that life moves like fire upon the grassland, like clouds flying across the landscape. That these moments are fierce and few and always worth remembering.

Life is a fierce and precious thing.



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19th December, 2007. 6:57 pm. simplicity

What A Girl Wants

Roo, this morning:

"mummy, I was thinking about Christmas and what i really, really want. What I want is a box of Dora band-aids and a candy cane and also a box of snoopy band-aids because snoopy is really funny and sometimes he dances around like crazy cakes. oh, and also i would really like to have another ball with Dora on it but if there are no Dora balls then i would like to have a blue one." 

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12th December, 2007. 11:56 am.

Things And Stuff

(zany miscellany)


Jesse, thy name is Lego

it is important to look lovely when you bake

no such thing as too much

delicious love

I spend quite a bit of time sitting here and working

Santa gets brazen

reindeer games

Santa is a superstar

we all make mistakes

grab your goodies and dash away


I hope your home is warm and your toes are toasty.


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1st December, 2007. 12:24 pm.

    Baby, It's Cold Outside


I can feel winter in the air; it is in the 30's outside today and the wind is making it feel like single digits.  I am so glad for the woodstove, and snuggly children, and baked things and piles of wool.

The ice is so beautiful though

We bake bread, and pies and casseroles; all to warm the kitchen and my children's little hands and noses and toes.

             I am well.  I have been so quiet lately because I have been comtemplative and needing to cloister more than share. Today i feel like sharing though, and so here I am.   My days are filled with board games and books and cooking and dishes and felting and filling the woodbox.  Life is really fairly simple these days, and I am content to have it that way.  Our winters have a wonderful rhythm and I love the quietness, the warmth, the joy of sleeping while the snow falls all around us.  

Is hunting season over yet?!

Holding A Universe

The loveliness remains

Come on over, I will bake something to warm the kitchen for you. 

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10th November, 2007. 7:39 am.

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